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Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have actually been to Canada 4 times between 2006-2009. 3 times in winter and 1 time in summer. Those of you who know me well know that I HATE the cold So I MUCH preferred Canadian summer haha. I can remember the first time I went to Canada it was winter and I got off the plane and cleared security in the tiny airport of Regina,Saskatchewan. right in the bottom middle of Canada just above North Dakota.

My friend was there to pick me up and we go out the doors of the airport and that cold blast of arctic air hits me right in the face! Remember that scene from the movie Cool Runnings? Where the Jamaican bobsled team goes to Canada to compete? They go outside the doors and right away freeze! They run back in and put all of their clothing on before they go out again. Well that is exactly what I felt like haha.

So we get on the "Number 1" highway. It is the highway that goes all the way across Canada. It is only one lane in each direction. There was no one on the roads lol. There is more people in Dallas Texas than all of Saskatchewan. I do remember having a great time there though. I got to have my birthday there Canadian style. I went ice fishing. My friend and her dad really wound me up! They got me loaded up in the van and drove it out onto the ice. Looking back now I know it was super thick and perfectly safe but at the time they made sure to scare the crap out of me lol. They had the windows rolled down and the doors unlocked and they said if we crashed through the ice I had to get out quickly. I assured them if we crashed through the ice I would be the first one out of that car haha! They also really played it up with me ON the ice with all the creaking and groaning the ice does they were jumping up and down on the cracks in the ice trying to scare me and they did a good job haha I was terrified but it was super fun.

I got to play a Canadian sport called Curling. Basically it is shuffle board on ice. I built a snow man and made snow angels. I got to ice skate and play some hockey. Basically just enjoy what every Canadian does all winter haha. It really helped I was with friends and had a great family to take care of me since my own wasn't there at the time. The other 2 times I went there in winter were very similar but still no less fun. There was always something to do! We did take a few road trips one being to Banff ( the ski place) and that was really fun.

When I went there in summer the climate was TOTALLY different and I could not even recognize it as Canada. It was so amazing to be in Canada in shorts and a t shirt haha. I loved Canada in summer, not too hot not too cold. But sadly their summer lasts about 3 weeks lol. We got to go camping at Waterton National Park on the border with Alberta and British Columbia. We drove all the way from Saskatchewan to British Columbia with our stop at Waterton along the way. It was really beautiful camping there for two weeks. In the middle of nowhere with just the stars and nature and just relaxing away from it all. I also saw my first beer in the wild! British Columbia was much of the same with better weather and more mountains.

So, all in all I really enjoy Canada and hope to go back one day. Again, more amazing things happened I am sure but I am probably forgetting them so forgive me if I leave some out. -Tyler

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  1. Interesting version of time that they teach you in Texas since 3 weeks to us Canadians means 21 days and I am pretty sure our Summer far outlasts 21 days..haha Plus you saw the west side of Canada try the central area some day...It will be a very different experience I am sure. I know a super tour guide in Ontario.