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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Life in Brisbane

So I haven't blogged in a while but I just wanted to update on my life here in Brissy. Ben and I are staying with a mate of mine outside of the city and things are good. We are in a quiet part of town outside of the craziness and we can see the stars. My mate is a real good guy who is letting us crash at his place until we get all settled.

Both Ben and I have been on the job hunt here in Brisbane, we just started but hopefully soon we will both have jobs. Brisbane is a great city that has a different "feel" from Sydney. It seems to be a little slower paced here and there is some nice parks and swimming areas etc. Lots to see and do and even an IMAX movie theatre that we can go to for 6.50 per ticket!

We have just been settling in here and getting to know the area so we haven't done too much yet. But tomorrow will be laundry day for me. Today we went to get groceries only we had to walk there since we dont have our own transport. We could have taken the train but, the train system here in Brissy is a little different than Sydney and we haven't got train passes yet and just buying a single ticket for that journey wouldn't be worth it since we were just getting a few things so we decided to walk there, it was about an hour walk there and back.

So we get there no problem (we had a good map) and we were just going to get a few things but the longer we stayed there the more we bought! We just kept grabbing stuff and by the time we got out of there we had spent 100 dollars! Then we realised we had to walk all that stuff back :(  haha it was not fun at all!  But we finally made it back and had us a good dinner and watched some tv.

I also want to add, are you ready for it....? TYLER COOKED A WHOLE MEAL! :) Yes you read that correctly I cooked an entire meal of eggs,toast,bacon and juice haha. I even did the washing up :) Not only that but, I also cooked a whole dinner meal of hamburgers and all the trimmings all by myself haha. No one died and we all had a good brekkie and dinner. So to sum this up, for now I am still unemployed but hopefully not for long and things are good here. Well I guess that is all for now so yall take care.


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