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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A hopefully interesting idea

Well I have been thinking lately, I have heard from more and more people that I know that they really do enjoy this little blog of mine. That really surprises me as I don't think it is that good but I do enjoy just writing about my life whatever etc... Well I have even heard from a few that I should publish it and I already have a title haha. I will call it "Traveling with Tyler" catchy huh?

Well obviously I don't have enough written yet for a whole book. All I have written really is what has happened to me on this trip. So I decided I am going to try and reach back on memory lane and write about ALL my travels now. This is going to be hard because I first went to Panama 10 years ago when I was 15 and I hadn't ever blogged until now. But if yall will bear with me I am gonna try and randomly fill this blog in with a new blog entry for each of the countries I have visited.

This might be a long process that I will continually update but I am gonna start with an entry for Panama and go from there. I hope yall enjoy reading about the rest of my travels. -Tyler

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