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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My road trip

Ben and I decided to take a long weekend road trip. Basically just 4 days down the coast having fun. So we rented a camper van and off we went. Everything was fine for a while and going according to plan. We made it to Byron  Bay with no problems and hung out there then we moved down to Tweed Heads and had a great time there. Well on Saturday night (our last night) we were in Surfer's Paradise and just enjoying our time there. We had parked the van on a well lit main street in the middle of the day and locked all the doors. Done everything we could do right?

Well guess what? The damn van got broken into and they stole my digital camera and my laptop as well ( I KNEW I shouldn't have brought my laptop on the trip) but I did anyway. I actually got off fairly easy though. I had my phone,wallet,keys and sunglasses with me. Nor did they take any of my clothes. Thank God I left my passport at home! Ben on the other hand wasn't so lucky. They took his phone,passport,wallet,journal and other important documents.

So I have lost my computer (and all my personal documents and music and pictures on it, along with my camera) but Ben has lost a lot more than that. It really sucks when there is thieving jerks in this world.  I am hoping I can get insurance to cover my losses. We did file a police report even though I doubt they will ever find anyone or anything. Such is life huh? So long story short, until I get my own computer again I will be online less and blogging less.

Well I thought I would fill you in on a few more details about our road trip first we rented our van and drove down to Byron Bay. We had a good time there for the most part except for the part when we were sleeping in our camper van and got woken up at 5am by the police telling us we had to move or risk a 120 dollar fine. We explained to him that there wasn't any "no camping" signs where we were parked but he said we had to move anyway so at 5am we got up and drove somewhere else.

After that day was over we made it to Tweed Heads which is closer to Surfers Paradise. The only thing of note that happened there was we got to see a cool light house and we swam in the ocean. We we were in the ocean I got stung by something on my leg that hurt real bad but I didn't even see it!  There is a lot of stuff in the ocean in Australia that can actually kill you so I guess I consider myself lucky but, you can probably see a pattern of bad luck forming here since our stuff got stolen too.

We went to a really nice beach during the day and ate lunch on the beach. There was only about 4 people on the whole beach and it was great scenery. We decided to go for a little swim and the water was clear and beautiful with great waves and not too cold. Everything was great until I got stung by something on the leg and it hurt really badly. I never even saw what it was. Actually though I was quite lucky, there is a lot of stuff in the water here in Australia that can actually kill you so a sting that didn't kill me I am happy about. I really didn't catch much luck on this road trip though. Other than the sting the beach was great though. 

After The Tweed we drove to Surfer's Paradise where we went to the Wax Museum which was pretty cool. Then we walked around town and looked around. Things were fine until we got back to the van in broad daylight on the main road and realised that our stuff was gone and we had been broken into. Yesterday the police finger printed and photographed our van but they doubted they would get any usable prints off the surfaces in our van ( there was a lot of plastic etc). So I am not holding out hope but maybe they will catch someone. Even if they do catch someone the chances of us actually seeing restitution money is very very slim.

Anyway I was glad to get away and see some new parts of Oz even with this bad stuff that happened. This is when I wish I had travel insurance.

Your now depressed traveling Texan,Tyler

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  1. Please do not get a bad opinion of us because of those pricks in Surfers Paradise. Unfortunately that part of Oz is well known for not being the best place for tourists.
    John S.
    Adelaide, South Oz.