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Sunday, May 16, 2010


In 2007 I got to go to Germany for a 3 week tour. I stayed in  Braunfels Germany which is the original city to New Braunfels  in Texas. It was really cool to go to a place and have been to the sister city in Texas. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends there and got to see a lot of traditional German culture. I thought at first the language barrier would be a big problem for me  but honestly as long as you are in a even semi major city in Germany then finding someone who speaks English there wont be a problem at all so I didn't have any issues with that.

After I left my friends I was in Germany alone for the first time traveling. I was quite nervous being alone for the first time but I didn't have any problems at all. Now I have traveled alone so much to so many different countries it really doesn't even bother me anymore. I actually prefer having my own schedule and doing my own thing. I just meet tons of friends along the way. This year alone here in Australia has gone really fast so far (6 months already!) and I haven't ever really been alone for long. I love meeting new people.

 I went to Cologne,Hamburg,Munich,Frankfurt,Berlin and a few other cities. My favourite city had to be Cologne (Koln) I loved the cathedral and just the history and culture of the city. Not to mention the food and beer were great!  The other great city was Berlin. It is the capital city so it definitely has a lot of history there. I did a guided bicycle tour around the city called "Fat Tire Bike Tours" it was totally worth it and I loved every minute! We even got free beer at the end. We saw the Memorial to the Jews in The Holocaust. It was really powerful, you have to see it for yourself to adequately understand but, it is like a maze with these pillars of all different shapes and sizes and it is supposed to make you confused and disoriented just as the Jews were.

There is a big night life in Berlin and a lot to see and do. Really anything your into Berlin has got it. I also got to take a tour of what is left of the Berlin Wall. That was an interesting tour. Now they actually have a wall around "The Wall" ironic huh? When Germany was divided into East/West Germany the Russians changed the crosswalk signs to pictures of soldiers and you can still see some of them it is quite neat.

After Germany I met up with some friends and we took the train to Amsterdam for 3 days. We got to take some canal tours and museum tours along with seeing Anne Frank's House and alto of the typical tourist stuff but I really did enjoy it.

Well I hope I didn't forget too much,Tyler

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  1. Isn't Germany where you met that guy from Texas that trained with Pappaw?
    Love, mom