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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I finally got a new netbook!

Well I finally broke down and bought a new net book to replace the one that was stolen in Surfers Paradise, hopefully this one doesn't suffer the same fate! It has Windows 7 on it the newest operating system from (cough) Microsoft. I am not to happy about making the change ( I wish I knew how to use a Mac and could afford one) but, actually other than a few features missing or changed I actually like Windows 7 and it isn't too bad (lets hope it doesn't crash).
I did also buy myself a nice pair of new sandals after almost 7 months! I even got a 30% discount on them! I really have become the bargain hunter haha. Seeing as my 7 month anniversary here is coming up in 2 days I thought I would treat myself to new shoes and they look good!

We decided to forgo seeing a movie on cheap Tuesday since we are going sailing on Wednesday (today) and I also decided to wait on that haircut and let it grow a little more those hair cutting students take quite a while to cut it and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon haha. We also got a lead on a job offer! Well that is really I have to update yall on.

Your Aussie for a year,Tyler

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