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Monday, June 28, 2010

Its been a while and not to much has happened

Well I haven't blogged in a while but I just thought I would give yall a little update and write a few things just to let you know I am still alive haha. It just seems like yesterday I was writing that I had my 7 month anniversary here and now I am coming up on 8 months here! I seriously can't believe how quickly time flies! It may not seem to go that fast for yall back home but for me this whole experience is just flying by for sure. People ask me if I am home sick and sure I miss my friends and family and the little things from home but I am not overcome with homesickness yet which I guess is a good thing.

I can tell you this though, whenever I do get back home it will be an adjustment for me. Australia is not HUGELY different from America but, there is some major differences in vocabulary and some of the foods are different here, not to mention they drive on the left side of the road so I have totally gotten used to that now and going back home and trying to drive my car again on the right side of the road will take a little bit of getting used too! But, I think the biggest major difference will be getting my body used to the time change when I do get back home because right now I am about 15 hours ahead of Texas. I am future man ;)

Here in Australia we do get American television shows and movies just usually with a big delay so movies most of you have already seen I am just now watching. Last night we saw "Grown Ups" with Adam Sandler and company. At first I thought it might not be so good because there was so many "funny people" in one movie but actually it was quite good! I got a good laugh out of it.  We also saw "Get him to the Greek" recently which was a semi sequel to the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" (both of those movies are good) and Get Him to the Greek was actually pretty funny as well! We have found a former IMAX theatre here in Brisbane where we can get tickets for $6.50 and $5.50 on cheap tues so its a good deal to get out of the house and do something without spending too much money.

Speaking of House, Ben and I are big fans of the show House. I am sure most of you have heard of it. I bet alot of you watch it too but, if you haven't heard of it, its a medical drama show that centers around a doctor and his team and they have to fight to cure various people of various illnesses each episode. It is really a great show and Dr House (actually played by Hugh Laurie) is British in real life but he puts on the most amazing American accent I have ever heard! For the longest time I had no idea Hugh Laurie was even British!

In addition to House we have added to our TV schedule The Mentalist which is a really good crime drama and a purely Australian show I doubt yall get back home called Underbelly. It is a crime show that is all about the real life police corruption in NSW (New South Wales aka where Sydney is) in the late 80's to the mid 90's. That show just had its season finale but its a great show! They set up something called The Royal Commission to root out police corruption and something like 19 officers ended up killing themselves and like 30 "retired" a few even went to prison. Back then they were totally in the bad guy's pockets! With just a few honest cops around who ended up bringing down the whole system!

I wanted to tell you one other thing about Aussie TV besides getting shows and movies late the only other thing I hate about Aussie TV is the commercials. You might say, well everyone hates commercials! But this is worse!  You see they have NO variety on their commercials here! They show the same ones over and over and over! It has gotten to the point now where Ben and I can literally talk through the whole commercial word for word before it has barely begun.  There is an insurance commercial where a lady says something about a rate quote and then they have a (real rugby star) in the commercial he says "$506.95" Ben and I always say it before he does lol its kinda sad how well we know all these freaking commercials but they just need new ones! It is annoying to watch them over and over but our "guess the commercial" game is fun to play. Thank God its not a drinking game haha.

Since we have been here Ben and I have been saving money by cooking for ourselves. We always seem to end up with a big grocery bill and a lot of groceries to carry though! Even so it does save us money. Usually Ben does the cooking and I do the dishes but, I have been cooking some and I am definitely better at cooking then before I got here! I recently got some recipes from my dear mother that I am gonna try out soon and see how it works out :) Ok, I think I have gone on for long enough now lol.

Yall take care,Tyler

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