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Monday, June 21, 2010

I survived my first day!

Well today was my first day at work. I took a taxi to work this morning and got there in plenty of time but it cost me almost 14 dollars (Australian) 1 way. So I have decided I am just gonna wake up early and walk there from now on. Once I got there I had my safety induction and got shown around the warehouse. Everyone seems really nice there and in the whole company there is only 9 people (me included).

Basically my job consists of moving aluminum rods out of prepackaged boxes, there is 30 in a box. So I just get the order sheet and put them in the new box based on what the customer wants in their order. Along with that I do basic cleaning and just helping out around the shop. I really want my forklift ticket but as of yet I don't have it. It would help out for sure but it is quite expensive! So I am just happy to have a good job with good people on a good wage for now :)

This job is really dirty though! All day I am surrounded by metal dust and shavings and saws going off all the time. That aluminum is pretty freaking sharp too! I managed to cut myself on and off through out the day but nothing major. I still have all my digits :) Tomorrow I will be wearing gloves for sure. Well I guess that's it for now. I will be back at it tomorrow.

Talk to yall later,Ty

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