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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Well now that I am over 50% done...

So, now that I am over half way done with my time here in Oz I figured I would write a little bit about all the friends I have made here. I really do miss my best friends and family from home for sure but, I have made some great friends here too! In the 7 months I have been here I have literally met hundreds of people and met even more people in Asia and New Zealand. So needless to say my friend base has grown considerably. All over the world there is good people if you just have your eyes open.

Of course not all of those people I have kept in touch with and not all of them I would even consider good friends but, everyone I have met so far even if just for that brief amount of time has been a good friend to me. Out of all the people I have met I would say I have met roughly 10 people here that I will consider life long friends (Yep I am talking about you Wolf Pack ). On top of those 10 people there is about 20 or 30 more that are really good friends who I still do keep in touch with. All the rest were friends for a while but now gone. Even when people just pass through your life its good to have them there for the time being.

I have the ability and/or gift to meet people really easily anywhere. I am a talkative guy and I love to travel and meet other travelers. When your traveling most people who are travelers as well are in a "traveler mindset". It is different than being at home. You are way more open to talking to strangers and spontaneously doing things. I love doing this! I have met multiple people at bus stops,train stops etc (including Ben).

I guess I should give you a little background on Ben and I. I actually met him on the bus in Sydney way back in Nov. I saw him looking lost at a map on the bus so I decided to be nice and help him out and chat him up. So, our friendship started there and now all these months later here we are traveling Oz together. He is a pretty cool guy and we get along well. Not only did I meet Ben but, I also met a former house mate of his who happened to be American so we had a lot in common and Josiah and I get along well. Both of those guys I would consider life long friends.

My mate that we are staying with , Bernie he is a really good guy. He has taken us in and let us stay at his house which is really helpful while we are trying to get on our feet here in Brisbane. So, I really couldn't ask for much more. Every now and again the 3 of us have little disagreements just like a marriage haha but so far nothing major so there is no "divorce" looming in the future Thank God!

I know this blog might have seemed a little random but I just thought I would mention all my friends and just let yall know everything is pretty A OK now :).

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