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Saturday, July 03, 2010

My awesome night!

Ben persuaded me to go into the city with him and watch the World Cup even though I honestly don't have much interest in it, soccer has just never really been my thing. So we decided to go to The Treasure Casino here in Brisbane and watch it there on the big screen. We get there and walk around and explore the casino then grab a beer.

So the game started and honestly at first I was not very interested, it just didn't grab me. So I went to gamble a little. I started out with 5 dollars on the pokies or slot machines. Well my 5 dollars went really fast and I didn't win anything lol. Slots are not so easy! Then I thought about trying blackjack or 21. I know how to play black jack but I found out there were a lot more "casino rules" than I was used too. So I decided not to embarrass myself and not play.

I didn't have enough money for the poker tables so all that left me was roulette. I had never played roulette before but I knew the concept and I had a 1 in 37 chance at winning at a minimum. So I went over with my 10 dollars and I placed a bet on number 21 and won 45 bucks! :)

After I won my money I went back to the game and watched the 2nd half and it was actually quite good. Germany won 4 to 0! so all in all I had a good night and so did the Germany soccer team! After the game we went home and I managed not to spend any of my winnings.

Oh ya, its the 4th here so HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! :) 234 years strong!!

Talk to yall later,Ty

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