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Monday, July 19, 2010

Interview Day

Today Ben and I had our interviews for this new job. Its close to home and it is a factory job per my usual.  But, it is very similar to what I did in Sydney and I think it will be a good fit if I get this job. The interview went well and I really hope I get it because I need it! So we will see how it goes, hopefully we get a call back soon. Fingers Crossed :) If we both get this job it will be great, we can split cab fare to work and it would just be a lot more convenient for both of us. Tonight we watched a really funny comedy debate show on channel 10 (free to air TV) it was a good laugh.

My family is coming soon so that is exciting to see them again after 9+ months. It should be a good time going back over to New Zealand to see them in the dead middle of winter so that part I am not looking forward too haha. I had something else I wanted to blog about but I have forgotten now....grrr! Well its election time here in Australia. 21st of August anyway and we are getting SLAMMED here with Election commercials and crap. I just want it to be over. I am sick of it already! There seems to be a lot of drama in Aussie politics but no worse than anywhere else I guess. I cant vote here but I know who I like and who I don't lol. Voting is mandatory here in Australia so everyone has to vote though so all the citizens will be out voting soon.

Not much else is going on really. A new movie with Leonardo DiCaprio comes out soon here, its called Inception about a guy who can insert himself into people's dreams and steal their memories. It looks really good actually. I read a news article that said this isn't possible yet but, it is closer to reality than it is to science fiction. Kind of a scary thought but I think really my grand kids will be the ones seriously worrying about that, not me.

I heard Tom Petty started a new concert tour back home and I am so jealous! He is one of the last "greats" I haven't seen yet. I want to see him real bad before he retires! I hope I get the chance because I have already been lucky enough to see Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton with my dad. (Both put on great shows!) My credit card is expiring soon-ish and I called to have them send my new one here to my address in Australia but they refuse to do it. It is really frustrating and stupid! I wish they would just send it here.

I wish I could remember what I wanted to tell yall but I forgot! I am so sick of winter already I am ready for summer to come back! I hate this cold! brrrrr! and we dont have central ac/heat here, just blankets. But I do manage to stay warm enough most of the time. With lots of blankets! I am hoping to save enough money to go back to NZ in Nov and work there for a while and continue my travels to South America but we will see how it goes.

Oh! I finally remembered what I was gonna tell yall! Today Ben and I walked home from where our interview was (about a 45 min walk actually) but we saw a rainbow! It has been a while since I have seen one so it was good to see one again. I know its nothing super special but still I enjoyed it. Ok, Now I can sleep in peace haha.

Night my blogosphere fans,Tyler

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