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Monday, July 26, 2010

My crappy day with the Australian health system

Today I had a frustrating day with the Australian health care system. Australia has a semi socialized health care system. That means all Australian born residents get most of their non specialized health care needs largely subsidized or totally paid for. Just show your Medicare card and off you go (they may pay a small co-pay though.

So I had to go get a refill on my medicine, I have a valid prescription script from my doctor back home but, they wont accept it here. Which is frustrating because that means I have to pay to see a doctor here and since I am not an Australian resident I have to pay all out of pocket for it.

Well I went once in Sydney and paid for a doctor to write me a script then I paid the chemist (Pharmacy) to fill my order and give me my medicine. That was all well and good until now when I am running out and I need more pills. So I went today to get a refill on my pills but I found out that the doctor in Sydney only wrote me a one off script. That means I have to go BACK to the doctor and pay again all over to get yet another script for more pills and then I have to pay for the pills.

I was even more frustrated but I had no choice. So I made my appointment to see a doctor at 6:30pm. I sat there and sat there for an hour! I was finally seen at 7:30pm! The doctor didn't ask me much and I had everything I needed in literally 5 minutes. So I waited 1 hour for 5 minutes lol. Very frustrating! After that I paid the 60 dollar fee and off I went to the Chemist to get my pills. (At least this time I got repeats on it so I dont have to go back to the GP again!)

I get to the Chemist and they tell me they are out of my pills until 2 days from now. I have enough meds to last me so I am not worried about running out it was just a really frustrating night. But what can ya do right? Had to be done and hopefully (maybe) I can claim it back on my insurance when I get home who knows? The only good thing to come out of this situation was my trains were on time and I didn't have to wait haha. Anyway I just needed to vent. So there you have it. -Tyler

P.S. I tried to milk a free flu shot out of them but they wouldn't give me one :P for all my complaining about this though, I think overall it is still cheaper and easier for me to get what I need medically over here than it is back home!

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