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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Movie Night

So last night Ben and I went to see The Karate Kid, the new one with Jaden Smith. That is Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's son so he comes from a very rich and powerful acting background. It was not as good as the original but, it was worth the money. It was actually set in China and had Jackie Chan as the teacher. But, the movie theatre was packed with kids! There was so many families and kids and Ben and I couldn't even sit together! The worst part was, I was sat next to a family that didn't speak English. That fact alone wouldn't bother me but what did bother me was the fact that they would not shut up! I politely told them to be quiet but I guess they didn't care or didn't understand because they kept talking the whole freaking movie and I had to suffer through it!

Ben and I also did some grocery shopping and managed to get our lowest grocery bill ever! that was really exciting haha. I am not much of a cook but, I have been cooking a lot more since I have been here and I can now do a pretty mean brekkie :) Eggs,Toast,Bacon the usual. I am also starting to be a pretty professional dishwasher because here in Australia a machine dishwasher is a rare thing so you have to do it all by hand!

I dont have too much else going on lately. I have started playing some online poker recently though. Not for real money of course. But, I am able to enter tournaments for free and have the chance to win REAL money if I place high enough. My first tourney I placed 300th out of 875 people. Not amazing by an means but for my first actual poker tournament I was pleased! So practice will make perfect :)

Late Edit: I have been getting progressively better and better at this online poker! I enter tournaments for free but, I have the chance of winning real money. So far I have placed 100th out of 806, 300th out of 875 and just tonight I actually got 22nd out 869 people! I only won 2 dollars (because the prize pool was split between all the top players) But, I did really well and I think I can qualify for more tournaments worth more money as I get better :) Its a fun hobby anyway and it isn't costing me a cent so far!

Talk to yall later,Ty

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