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Friday, July 30, 2010

Our night at the movies and other random assorted stuff

Last night Ben and I went out to see that new movie with Aston Kutcher and Katherine Heigl called Killers. We got our usual cheap tickets so that was good. The movie was pretty good, it wasn't amazing but it was good and better than just sitting at home. I don't regret paying for it. Katherine was looking particularly gorgeous (as usual) and Ashton has the six pack abs I can only dream about haha. One of these days  I WILL get into better shape! I know I need too because the way I was huffing and puffing when I had to run to get on the train, everyone was looking at me and I am just getting out of shape lol. Not to mention I strained my leg muscle :(

The weather here the last few days has been so weird. Dumping rain one minute, and unseasonably warm the next. It is winter here but right now its about 27 C (about 80-85ish F) so its not feeling like winter! Which doesn't bother me a bit. I hate the cold haha. Just Yesterday it was so foggy and Brisbane Airport they diverted flights for 4 hours! I am telling you we are having wild weather lol. Its hard to know how to dress for this kind of weather.

In a week my parents and little brother will be here and it will be worse for them because they are coming from Texas summer! Right now back home it is about 40 degrees C on average easy. They will be flying into Sydney where it is about 6 degrees C (about 40 F) so it will really suck for them haha. I hope they brought warm clothes! On top of that all of us will be headed to New Zealand for a week where it is even colder than that :(

I will be happy to see my family again after 9 months though. I am missing the little stuff about home so my mo is bringing a list of assorted goodies for me :) What great parents I have. I hope their flight goes smoothly because I am used to long flights all over this world but, I know they haven't been out of the country in a while and they have never been on a flight this long. (My mom can't sleep well on planes) I can only hope they will adjust well to the 15+ hour time difference so it wont ruin their trip. It never bothers me, I only get bothered coming up. By the time I get home my body clock is gonna be SO outta whack lol! I am gonna be messed up for days!

I have three months left here on my Australian visa which due to Aussie Immigration laws means I can't get an extension on. So come 4 Nov I will have to leave the country. I got approved for my New Zealand visa so I have the option of going over there if I want. I am tossing that idea around but haven't decided totally yet. I am still waiting on news from this job Ben and I went thru the interview process with. They say they are verifying our references so fingers crossed :)

Oh one last thing, I had dinner a couple nights ago with my ex roommate from Sydney. She was up here in Brissy on business. Anyway we got to pose for a picture in front of the office of the Former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. K Rudd's local district is the Brisbane Area. That will mean nothing to non Aussie's but it was exciting for me haha.

Late Edit: I just got an email from my Mom, They landed safe and sound! :) 

Yall take care til next time. Be safe and have fun! -Ty

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