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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I got a new job!

So luckily today Ben and I both got new jobs! The same job :) we start tomorrow at 7:30am. I can only hope it goes well. I am sure it will. I am real excited finally get some more money coming in. The only rough thing for me is that I am leaving to see my family on Saturday. That means I will only be working for 3 days before I go away with my family for a week. But, they have flown thousands of miles just to see ME! I did also tell the people at this job went I interviewed so I can only hope they didnt "forget".

Anyway, my family is here and safe and I will see them here this weekend in Australia. Then we will go for 1 week to New Zealand and after that they will fly home and I will fly back to Oz and (hopefully) still have a job! Well thats all for now. Take care and good on ya :) -Ty

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