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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Saga of the Forgotten Passport

Wow what a mess! I am going to try and remember everything that has happened over the past few days and give it to yall in a coherent manner haha. Basically the plan was for me to leave Brisbane on the 8th of August and travel by train to meet my mom and little brother in a town about half way between Brisbane and Sydney (where we were all going to fly to New Zealand).

That part of the plan went without a hitch. What I didn't account for was that I got a new job recently and I had to use my passport for them to verify my work visa etc. So I took it out of its normal spot and forgot to replace it! So that meant I got all the way to Sydney with no passport!!!! :( Which meant I had to re-book a train BACK to Brisbane the very next morning! So after spending 23 hours total time on the train there and back I finally arrived back in Brisbane.

Well all of my flights were non refundable so I lost all those flights plus I lost a day of time with my family but, I finally did get to Christchurch 1 day ( and a lot of money spent) later. I landed in Christchurch and I knew they wouldn't be there. So I had to take a train to a town called Graymouth. Then I bus from Graymouth to Franz Joseph where they were.

I really was marathon traveling for them! By the time it was all said and done I had spent almost a grand and over 40 hours of my time just because I forgot my passport! I can promise you I will never ever do that again! But, actually the train ride from Christchurch to Graymouth was actually really scenic and totally worth the money. I loved that train ride and met a really cool British girl who was my seat mate and that helped pass the time quickly (it was a 4 hour train journey).

Once we got to Graymouth I only had 30 minutes to get on my bus to Franz Joseph so I was rushing to get my bags and get on the bus! But, who do I see there? my family! My parents and my little brother were waiting there at the train station for me and I didn't even know it! So it was a happy (but expensive) reunion for me. After 9 months getting to see (most) of my family again. Jason is still back home in Texas.

So now we have all gotten here in one piece and had a good time. I have a bum leg so I can't do a lot of the activities but luckily for me I have already been to New Zealand and seen and done most all of it so I really am not missing anything. It is still good just to be with my family and they seem to be having a lot of fun which is good!  I can not wait until later today in Queens Town I get another Ferg Burger! mmmmmm

So I guess that's it for now. Yall take care.-Tyler

P.S. It is MUCH colder here than it is in sunny Brisbane and I miss the warm! Its about  30 degrees colder here than it is back in QLD :(


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