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Monday, August 16, 2010

Economy Class Hell

I really just felt this deserved a blog entry all on its own. I wanted to tell you about my flight from hell back home to Brisbane from New Zealand. Considering I have flown probably over 100 times in my life and this was the first time I have ever been sat next to children I guess I should consider myself lucky.

That being said, I told you I thought economy class from Sydney to Brisbane on the train was hell, that was a cake walk compared to this! I was the 2nd person on the plane to board (just random luck) I go to my seat and then I see a family coming towards me. A father,mother and 3 kids. 2 little boys and a girl. I am secretly they wont sit next to me but no such luck. :(

I flew on an airline that shall remain nameless but lets just say it starts with J and ends with Star lol. I didn't have much option for any kind of upgrades with them considering they charge for everything! Before they even sat down the mother said to me "I apologise in advance" I knew I was in for it then lol. The 2 bros were 6 and 8 and sat next to me. The little girl was 4 and next to her parents in the row in front of me. Directly behind me was some hooligans who would NOT get their freakin knees out of my back! There was also a baby in the row across from me. I was surrounded and just had no luck! :(

About half way thru the flight the 2 boys were driving me nuts going crazy and their parents weren't doing much to stop it. My ipod was totally dead and I had no book to read. It was impossible to sleep and I was going nuts! I decided to listen to the radio that was pre programmed on the plane and it was crap. There was nothing good on except a comedy channel that kept me occupied for about a half hour of the 4 hour flight. By that point I would have been happy to skydive out of that plane into the ocean and swim to freakin Australia lol.

I had a crappy flight but it got me thinking. The airline did their job getting me there in one piece so I am thankful for that. I am also sure that some of my readers have young children and have to fly. I understand you can never have a childless flight but in all seriousness I know how these greedy airlines put more and more fees on us these days. Taxes,baggage, security fees... all of it. Well if they could GUARANTEE me that I would have a seat on the plane not in the vicinity of a child and/or baby or crazy person  I would totally pay extra for that. I would pay up to like 40 dollars extra for the comfort of having a peaceful flight and I am sure others would too, so if there is an airline executives reading my blog. HINT HINT! lol. I just thank God I was not on a long haul flight a la Sydney to LA.

Ok rant over. I am just congested and a little sick and cranky ( I am sure I caught something from those kids on the plane lol). Anyway yall take care,Tyler

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