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Monday, August 16, 2010

NZ Round Two

After I finally got to New Zealand I was not able to get transport directly from Christ Church to Franz Joseph. So I was finally able to book a really scenic train ride from Christ Church to Arthur's Pass. From there I was supposed to take a bus to Franz Joseph. I wasn't looking forward to all of this at all because this whole train/bus journey was after I had basically been on a train for 23+ hours and had to rebook my flights and spend all that money due to me forgetting my passport. I was just SO over it! Not to mention when I finally did land in Christ Church after all that travel I ended up having to sleep in the airport under the hertz rent a car desk. On the ground. Ya it sucked lol.

Well the good news was that my parent surprised me and met me in Arthur's Pass! Which meant that I didn't have to take yet another bus journey to meet my family. I was happily surprised to see them for sure! Exhausted and frustrated from all my travels but happy. Honestly though the train ride from Christ Church to Arthur's Pass really was super scenic and really amazing. I have pictures on Facebook and I will put some up here. Not to mention I got to sit next to a really cool British girl who shared my love of travel so the time went fast!

Once I finally met up with my parents we drove from Arthur's Pass to Franz Joseph and my parents and brother walked on the glacier in Franz Joseph ( I didn't because I have hurt my leg) lucky for me I have already been to New Zealand and done most of this. So it was a bummer not to be able to do everything with my family but it was just good to see them and be there even if I couldn't join in on everything. From Franz Joseph we drove to Wanaka and stayed there for a while which was nice. From there we drove to Cardrona and my family skied for a day while I at inside where it was warm haha. It was quite cold and windy there and apparently we left just in time because a lot of people got stranded on the mountain! From there we drove to Arrowtown (close to Queens Town). We drove into Queens Town for the day and tooled around.

The BEST part for me was the ever amazing Ferg Burger! Only the best burger joint in all of the southern hemisphere. I LOVE that place and I was SO excited to go back! My parents and brother liked it too :) It is open 21 hours a day 7 days a week! If you ever get to Queens Town you MUST go to Ferg Burger. But sadly for the rest of us there is only one of them. The owner refuses to franchise :( After our time in Queens Town  we drove back to Christ Church and spent the night there. The next day my family left to go back home and I flew back here to Brisbane on the flight from hell, which I will tell you all about in my next blog.

I guess that is it really,Ty

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