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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Work/Life/Various Updates

Now that I am back from New Zealand visiting my family (had a great time seeing them again) Now I am back working at my new job I figured I would update yall. My new job is pretty good. At first I started out on the "benches" sorting,labeling and packing clothing and accessories orders to be shipped out to stores all over Australia. But, now I have been reassigned to "runner" duty. I do a lot of jobs all at once now. There is 14 work stations each with a minimum of 2 people on them. They are constantly unpacking stock and breaking down the cardboard boxes that the stock comes in. So, one of my jobs is to take all the rubbish to the bin and throw it away.

That is a job that never ends! 14 work stations and one of me. So as you can imagine I stay busy just dealing with the rubbish! Not only do I do that but I also move stock around and reorganize so they always have priority stock at the front of the line to do. I label boxes and build new cardboard ones for them to use. I also just do general cleaning and whatever else they need. There is 4 to 5 "bench controllers" or floor managers plus 2 managers above them. So, I am going a million miles an hour being pulled in 1000 directions all day!

I am on my feet all day not stopping. There is an upside to all this though, it makes me day go really really quickly and unlike the people who work on the benches who have "targets" to hit in the number of units they process etc. I have guaranteed work hours because they always need a runner even if it is slow and I am pretty much guaranteed five day work week which is not true of every casual worker there and working 7:30-3:30 close to home isn't a bad gig. I don't have any of that pressure I just make sure everything is clean and in order and running smoothly and I get the same amount of money. So it is a fast job and I have to multi task all day but overall I do like it! At least I am getting a paycheck and not unemployed anymore!

Also today at work we had an unexpected 45 minute break. Near the end of the day the fire alarm went off and everyone had to be evacuated. We were told it wasn't a drill. But, there was no smoke and no fire so no one was really freaking out or anything. They ended up giving us all the all clear and I  still don't know why it went off. By the time we were cleared to go back inside our day was over :) 

Other than that, I have a big to do list tomorrow. At the top of that list I actually have to go to the hospital. I have been having some severe unexplained leg/stomach pains that haven't been going away. I went to the doctor here and she couldn't figure out what was wrong so she referred me to the hospital. I hope it isn't anything too serious and I can still work and travel etc. I will keep yall updated for sure. I am still among the living don't worry :)

Ben and I also saw that new movie (it just came out here) The Expendables. It had a huge all star cast with Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham,Terry Crews,Mickey Rourke,Stone Cold Steve Austin, Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts brother)Jet Li and a few others. Our very own California Govenator Arnold Schwarzenegger ( I was surprised to see him in the movie due to him currently holding public office) and Bruce Willis both had very funny cameos. It was your typical shoot em up action movie but it was pretty good. I enjoyed the action/fight scenes and it kept us occupied for 2 hours and we got cheap tickets. I would give it a 3/5 stars. So all in all a good night. 

Well thats all for now yall take care,Tyler

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