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Friday, August 06, 2010

Tomorrow is the day!

I will see my family for the first time in 9 months tomorrow :) I take a train at the butt crack of dawn from Brisbane to Taree. Its about an 8 hour train ride and once I get there my mom and bro are picking me up. From there we will drive close to four hours down to Sydney and spend the night near the airport. I will be seeing a friend from Sydney tomorrow night before we leave so that will be all good.  Tomorrow we will get up and take our flights to NZ and spend our week there!

What else? I worked 3 days at my new job and they are cool with me leaving for a week so that is good! The job is gonna be ok its just repetitive and boring. But the hours seem to go fast as we stay busy! The people seem nice and I am learning more and more about the job. They have a finger print scanner to clock in and out for your shift!

I am still having some leg/stomach pain but I am gonna get all that checked out for sure soon and its not gonna kill me ( I hope) so such is life. Anyway things are pretty good and I will enjoy my week in NZ then be back here in Brisbane and back to work! It will be interesting to see if my family has changed any in 9 months or if they think I have. I still dont have the Aussie accent but, I do speak "Aussie" which may be weird for them.  I also also used to left hand driving now haha.

Talk to yall in week,Tyler

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