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Saturday, April 03, 2010

On and on we go....

Well I left yall in Nelson and after spending 2 days in Nelson I made it to West Port and spent a night there. There really wasn't much in West Port at all but our bus drivers organized a 3 legged pub crawl. So I was chained to a total stranger and we had to walk to 3 different pubs together but, she turned out to be a pretty cool girl. Luck for me her boyfriend didn't mind me being chained to her! Really there isn't much else to tell about West Port a lot of these towns are just spit dots on the map and I think the Kiwi Experience Bus Tour really keeps them alive. It is really neat to see all the different parts of the country though and to places I would never go.

After we left West Port we made it to Lake Manapua and "The Poo Pub" our hostel was run by New Zealand's oldest pub owner. He is an 84 year old man named Les and amazingly day after day he puts up with a rowdy group of 50+ backpackers and he still enjoys it! We had a pub night there as well but it was a costume party. The only rule was that everyone had to dress up and the only place we had to shop was the 2 dollar shop and a resale charity store so needless to say the costume's were very interesting haha! I managed to buy an old lady's night/dressing gown and a white glove a la Michael Jackson along with a hat my mate bought me made for babies! So I was quite the sight lol. But we all had a good time not to mention an amazing home cooked steak meal from Les for only 10 dollars which is an amazing bargain here in New Zealand!

Currently I am in Franz Joseph a really really cool town in southern New Zealand with a real glacier! I paid for a full day glacier walk along with most of my bus it was expensive but, how many times in your life do you get to walk all over a real glacier! I guess that is all for now. We will be here for another day then getting closer and closer to Queenstown the adventure capital of the world! :)

Bye for now yall,Ty

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  1. I'm hoping someone took a picture of you in that get-up. Remember when you dressed up as that old grandma in 1st or 2nd grade?? Too cute.
    Love ya, mom