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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Well since I have made it into Queenstown aka Adventure Capital of the World I have done a lot! We arrived and unpacked our stuff and got settled in. I am here for a week so that means I can finally actually properly unpack. I have been sharing a room with my mate Scott from England who I met in Thailand, another girl Amy from England, along with a girl Inge from Holland and a guy from Israel named Sahar although we just call him "Mr Israel". We are quite the international bunch but we have become fast friends all of us and I dont have to worry about any of my stuff being stolen in the room. I quite like all my new friends and we have had some good nights together.

After we got settled in it was time for Scott and I to go do our canyon swing. I will try and explain what this is. Basically they harness you up 109 meters above the ground. That is roughly about 350 feet up or about how tall the Sydney Harbour Bridge is in Australia. So you are standing there and you have to choose how you want to jump off. But it isn't that easy, the guides or instructors are extremely sadistic and they really enjoy making you squirm.

So I watched  a few people go off and then it was my turn. Somehow I let them convince me to go off this platform backwards! So I get to the edge and look up and they give me a push which freaks me out already! Now I am harnessed in at this point but I am still 350 feet above the ground! So I turn around and they tell me to back out towards the edge. So slowly I start to back out towards the edge and they grab my harness and hold on. Then They tell me to lean back slowly I am terrified at this point but then I start to lean back over the edge and just as I am about to go they pull me back in! my heart is about to explode and I just wanna go!

Finally finally they let me go and just as I start to fall 65 meters straight down and JUST as they let me go they said "Oh no we forgot to clip something! of course that freaked me out even more!!! But in the end it was all just a joke and I was fine as I fell straight down and then arched in a big long swinging motion for quite a while until I finally stopped and they wenched me back up. I actually loved it so much that I did a second canyon swing for 39 dollars only! I really ended up loving it, It was awesome!

Well tomorrow I hang glide that should be great! Then I can say I have Sky Dived,canyon swinged,bungee jumped,and hang glided. Quite a ride its all been.... I have a video of my canyon swing on facebook and youtube and I am putting my photos on facebook too. Do go check them out :)

Talk at yall later,Ty

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