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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Soar high above the clouds.....

Well yesterday I hang glided 3000ft off a mountain above Queenstown. The view was AMAZING and the ride was so gentle and relaxing. But, he did make it crazy for a while which of course I loved. So basically I got harnessed in side by side next to the pilot and we picked up the glider and got to the top of the hill and he said ONE,TWO,THREE,RUN! So we both ran as fast as we could down the hill and before you knew it the glider had picked us up 3000 ft in the air! So there I was hang gliding suspended above the trees and mountains just gliding along.

So we were swirling downward and he asked me if I wanna see something crazy. So I say sure. Then he says "lets go look at the trees" I didn't know he meant it quite so literally! He stalled out our glider and rocketed us down towards the trees and right close to a mountain and it was so much fun! Then we gained altitude again and flew some more just soaring all over. Eventually we rocketed quickly down towards the ground and came in  for a belly landing. It all in all lasted about 20 minutes but it was totally worth it!

Today I will be taking a gondola ride up a mountain for a view of Queenstown. The Gondola ride was pretty cool but, it cost 23 dollars one way just to get up there! So my mate and I we decided to walk up the mountain instead. It took us 45 minutes to get up there and it was HARD about half way up I was really regretting my decision to walk the mountain. But, we finally made it and the view was totally amazing. Worth the walk for sure. I will put some pictures on facebook of it. Then after a while we were able to take the gondola  back down the hill for free so all was well in the world. I guess I am just trying to maximize my 10 days left here in NZ. I have a few days left here in Queenstown then I am off to Christchurch for a bit then I go to fly to Sydney out of Auckland.  Its all be good and I have enjoyed it but soon I will be off back to Oz. I am still feeling my rush from the canyon swing though!

Talk at yall later,Ty

1 comment:

  1. I'm definitely hang gliding. I have always wanted to do this. Too bad we'll be there in winter - it'll be freezing.
    I'm so proud of all you've done.
    Love ya, mom