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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do....

Today our "family" had a "break up" see I have been traveling for the past 2 weeks or so with the same core group of people on the Kiwi Experience Bus and I have been rooming with my mate Scott (who I met in Thailand) and our new friends, Amy,Mr Israel,Inge,Michael and Dave. Well Today All of them left to go their separate ways except Amy,Inge and I. I will see most of them again in Australia in about 2 weeks actually but, even so after staying with people and hanging out with them all the time for 2 weeks It is always hard to leave each other.

On a happier note, today I hang glide off a mountain outside of Queenstown so I can see an overhead view of the whole city! I am pretty excited about that for sure. After doing my Canyon Swing (check my video on facebook) I am still pretty pumped and full of excitement for wild stuff but this will be my last crazy thing for a while because I need to buckle down and start getting ready to go back to Oz and back to work!

I did forget to mention in my last blog entry that before we got into Queenstown we stopped on the bus at  "Puzzle World" it was a HUGE outdoor maze you had to make your way thru along with many puzzles inside the building and a crazy optical illusion room that made you really dizzy and feel crazy! There was another room where when you looked in from the outside it looked normal but when you went inside it was totally slanted! and when you viewed the room from the outside (on a video monitor) the people in the room looked like giants or midgets depending on what part of the room they were in! There was tons and tons of cool laser pictures and optical illusions. It was a neat place! There was also a challenge issued  by the owner to find a certain item within 100 meters of a certain spot and if you found it you got 100,000 dollars! 7 people paid the 1000 dollar entry fee to try and all have failed since 1994! ( the entry fee actually goes to charity or so they say) I really did enjoy that place but I have always been horrible with puzzles and stuff I guess my brain is just hard wired differently because all I remember is useless movie trivia haha

Talk at ya later,Ty

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  1. We most definitely need to go to Puzzle World when we come in Aug. Be sure to remember what town it's in.
    I'm also dying to go hang gliding (not literally). Be sure and save all the info. It is the main thing I want to try.
    I'm so envious of all your adventures.
    Love ya, mom