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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well my friend Ben and I finally made it to Brisbane after two tries haha. We paid for 1st class on the train from Sydney to Brisbane and just imagined that paying the extra money would make our 15 hour train ride so much better. We thought we would have free Internet, an awesome bed and maybe even a butler. You know just everything you imagine 1st class to be. I have never taken first class anything in my life so I was real excited.

Boy was I wrong lol. We paid extra money for slightly more legroom and a chair that reclines 40 degrees instead of 28 degrees. That was it. No bed,no Internet,no butler. The seat didn't even go all the way down into a sleeping position! I was extremely disappointed with it. But, we did finally make it to Brisbane in one piece so I cant complain too much.

Now we are staying with a good mate of mine until we get jobs and get on our feet. I do miss my friends in Sydney and certain things about it but now it is on to new and different things. Hopefully next time I write I will have more exciting things to talk about haha. Until next time, Your traveling Texan,Tyler

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