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Monday, April 19, 2010


So, I am back "home" away from home for a now. I checked back into Wakeup Hostel (my favourite hostel) for 1 week and I got 1 day for free! I am back readjusting to Australia and not traveling just relaxing and getting my bearings back. I still remember where most everything is but, in one week I will be off to Brisbane to live for a while. I am traveling with a friend up there for work and stuff. I am also gonna try and work on my certificate for teaching English while I am there and it will just be nice to move to a new place out of Sydney and somewhere warm!It will be good to catch up with all my friends here in Sydney again though. All that traveling different countries for 3 months really took it out of me.

On Monday I leave with a friend for Brisbane we will start there looking for work and see how it goes, if we dont like it then we will be moving further north following the warm sun!  You know sometimes, just sometimes I forget I am like a million miles away from home and it feels like home over here even though it isn't.

I think this is one of the shortest blogs I have ever written but I really have nothing else to say. -Tyler

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