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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Queenstown again....

So I couldn't catch my Kiwi Bus out of Queenstown with most of the rest of my friends due to it being full. Which means I have 2 extra days here in Queenstown but, from what I have heard that is better than 4 whole days in Christchurch. I still do have some friends left here in Queenstown and I should still be able to make my flight back to Auckland on the 19th so I am not all that worried.

Queenstown is a nice city with lots to see and do and TONS of adventure stuff as you can tell but, all that is expensive so I have done most of my crazy stuff and now I am trying to save some money. It is slightly cold for my tastes here but I am making it. My hostel is pretty decent I just miss my roomies they all left today and we had all gotten pretty close to each other.

There is one other thing I feel that deserves a mention here in Queenstown. It is a local burger joint called Ferg Burger. Some of my illustrious local readers may have heard of this place. It is basically McDonald's on steroids. The lines are almost always out the door and sometimes even around the block! They are open 21 hours a day and located directly across the street from my hostel. Perfect for the average backpacker. They are kinda expensive but the quality of the burger is totally worth the price! I can eat literally just one burger and be full and not need any other food for quite a while. I have had quite a few ferg burgers myself as they have chicken,beef,lamb,venison and vegetarian varieties. I personally know of someone who has had a Ferg Burger a day everyday he has been in Queenstown. I also know a girl who had 2 in a 12 hour period! They are just that good. This place is amazing but unfortunately the owner ( a millionaire by now for sure) refuses to franchise so once I leave Queenstown I wont have another one unless I come back. That being said, he has managed to put every other burger joint in Queenstown out of business and his quality is outstanding!

I really dont have much to add today its gonna be a short blog I think. Be sure to check out my pictures and videos on Facebook. Talk at yall later,Ty

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