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Friday, April 16, 2010

In Christ Church

So I finally made it my last New Zealand destination, Christ Church "The Gateway to the Antarctic" It is pretty cold here but I just arrived so I haven't really had a chance to explore the city much. I wont be here for long as my flight back to Auckland is at 5:30am! Today I went across the longest 2 lane bridge in New Zealand and I have also driven across the longest single lane bridge in New Zealand. I have really seen and done alot with this Kiwi Experience. I have never taken a guided tour of an entire country before but it has been good! I really only had 2 driver guides, one for the north island and one for the south island and both were great! They were really funny and informative and have seen and done a lot and learned a lot.

I have done tubing in an underwater cave, I have hang glided and thrown myself into a canyon. I have seen some beautiful and amazing things here. Honestly out of the 11+ countries I have visited I think that New Zealand has the most natural beauty out of any country I have been too so far. All the people are nice here, when you do see people. There is only 4 million people between the 2 islands and there is 34 million sheep! The Kiwi Experience means your actual transportation costs are zero but, you do have to pay for your lodging every night plus food and activities so it can get expensive but it is a great way to experience the country and see things you wouldn't otherwise see. Well I guess that is it for now. Next time I write I will either be in Auckland or back in Australia. Yall take care,Tyler

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