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Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving on......

So, since Taupo ( a city I really liked and could have spent more time in) we have moved on to 1 day in River Valley which was also really really cool. It was a tiny lodge right by a river in a valley (surprise) and we were far away from everything! We had electricity of course but, not much else. There was 50 of us all in this lodge and there was outdoor stuff to do but that was it.

It was really nice to get away from it all and just relax. A lot of people went white water rafting but, it was quite expensive and I have done it before so I took a pass on it. I just relaxed and trekked around a bit. We slept in a big room on mattresses all right next to each other! That was interesting haha but it was all good :) I have really made some great friends on this trip and our driver Ringo is awesome!

After we had our day in River Valley we left for the capital city of Wellington where I am now. It is a larger city and there is a lot to do I went to a really cool museum all about New Zealand and had some great food here so far. I haven't done to much else as of yet. Tomorrow I leave for Nelson finally on the south island! It will be a 3 hour ferry ride down there so wish me luck! I leave early in the AM :(

I guess that is it for now folks, yall take care now-Tyler

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  1. UGH - I bet the snoring was out of control!!
    Have fun on the ferry ride. Love ya, mom