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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My time so far on the islands

So these islands here in Laos that we are staying on are so isolated and beautiful! We (sometimes) have electricity and (sometimes) have consistent running water for a shower but I dont mind at all. It is just really good to get away from the craziness for a while. I have seen some amazing sunsets that I have pictures of but pictures just dont do them justice I wish all of you could be here with me to see it!

The islanders are so nice and friendly and helpful. We have seen some amazing waterfalls and even are trying to spot some fresh water dolphins! We are staying at a guest house that definitely isn't the best as far as having the greatest rooms or beds or showers but "Mama and Papa" a Laotian couple run the place and they treat us just like their own children! They totally make up for the lack of creature comfort. They are the nicest,kindest most caring people ever! They bend over backwards for us! I will always remember them.

We also canoed quite far down the Mekong River but we got going quite fast downstream and close to a waterfall so rather than risk life and limb falling down a huge water (which was really beautiful by the way) we decided to turn back. I have actually put on about 4 pounds since I have been here in Asia that is a big deal to me! Food is so cheap here, but I still consider myself in fairly good shape. Canoing upstream against a strong current was one of the hardest things I have ever done though! It was SO tiring! We got passed up by two totally naked local boys who looked to be about 7 and they put us to shame! The locals are just so fit doing this stuff all the time their whole lives.

Oh, I did forget to mention the one good thing that happened in Pakse ( the city I was in before the islands) I got to eat dinner on a 7th storey roof top with an amazing view. I had a proper steak all the trimmings,beer and a dessert for 8 USD. Jealous huh? :) But on the downside I had  frustrating time waiting for my transport to take me to the VIP Bus down to the islands but all is well because I eventually got to the bus and got here so no worries just a little speed bump is all.

I have been so unplugged from anything North American related I really have no idea what is going on but I trust everything and everyone is well. So yall take care, til next time. -Ty

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  1. So you're saying we've been replaced in the "mom and dad" role?? Give them my thanks - it makes me feel good knowing you're well taken care of. Miss you and love you lots.