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Friday, March 12, 2010

My journey with a monk

On my way back to Bangkok from Cambodia I sat on the bus next to a monk. His English was ok but not great, so I didn't get to ask him everything I wanted to ask him but, I did find out that every boy has to be a monk for 2 years or so and after that they can decide whether they want to continue in the lifestyle or not. He seemed like a nice kid I would guess he was about 18 or so. Now monk's aren't supposed to have cell phones or any technology but the younger monks I have seen sure do like to break the rules. He was chatting on a mobile phone for quite a while. I have seen monk's smoking and I even saw a monk stick his tongue out and whistle at a girl! They aren't allowed to speak to women directly, I guess to avoid temptation but they are only human. I respect them for what they do but it must  be a hard lifestyle.

Once I got back to Bangkok I just hung out with some friends and met some new friends. On the bus I met an Isreali guy and a girl from Switzerland. I also met a guy from California on the street and we all went out together and had a good time. I am tossing around the idea of coming back to Thailand to teach English here. I really do love it so  I will do some more investigating and see how that goes. Life is good here, its a little wild and crazy here in Bangkok but nothing I cant handle.

After being in Asia almost 6 weeks with no stomach problems at all just yesterday I got a touch of the stomach bug. It was a bad night for me but I am on meds now and I will pull thru. They say 85% of travelers get it at some point in their trip. I almost lasted my whole time with no issues though! I am hoping to be 100% better soon. They call it "The Bangkok Belly" You gotta watch out for the street food here when it gets hot outside sometimes you need to watch what you eat but, I will live. I leave Asia in 4 days :( back to Oz for 2 days then on to NZ. But it should be good.

Well I am done for today. Yall take care. -Tyler

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  1. Great picture of you with the baby monkey (or whatever it is). You both look adorable. My mom used to have one as a pet when she was a kid......................not such a great house pet though. Headlines here are talking about the protests there.