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Monday, March 08, 2010

Happy stuff/Sad stuff

Seeing those clothes from S21 is still haunting me. As I said before that museum was much more in your face than others I have been too. They at least cleaned the clothes that were displayed in the tourist part but these clothes still had blood clearly on them. I mean it wasn't like I saw dead bodies but I guess it was just seeing that giant pile of clothes that was taller than me and realising that they belonged to men,women and children who are no longer alive because of 1 crazy man's idea to "purify"a country that an entire generation of people are dead and gone.

They had pictures on the wall of some of the people who died there. (out of 20,000 at S21 only 7 survived) I did a quick calculation of the pictures and there was about 4000 photos. Every single one of those people died. It was hard for me to go there and see that but honestly it was good. It just shows that humans have the capacity for great good or great evil. At least the Cambodian people are not trying to brush it under the rug and are confronting their history and trying to make it right. The killing fields was sad too, that is where men women and even babies a whole lot of babies were killed. There is over 16,000 skulls there in a glass case. That glass case just seems to go on forever. I wont ever forget this. But, I dont regret seeing it.

On a happier note, I have seen a lot of cool stuff here in Cambodia many cool statues and monuments. As well as getting the best massage of my life. It was a "Japanese style" massage totally different from a Thai Massage (which is good as well) but the biggest difference is she was totally blind.

The girl who did my massage has been blind since birth. But, since she couldn't see obviously her sense of touch was amazing. I didn't even have to tell her where my tough spots were. She knew I have been backpacking due to the knots in my shoulders, she knew after feeling my kidneys that I dont drink enough water (I am really trying!) she even knew sometimes I slouch instead of sit straight up. She knew all that without even asking me anything. She also spoke perfect English despite living in Cambodia her whole life. The whole massage for an hour cost me 9 USD and I got to help her out as well. It really was a great experience I wont forget! Check her out, her name is Nika she is on Youtube!

Also, I have tied my record now, I have seen a dad, a mom, and 3 kids all on 1 motorbike built for MAYBE 2 people haha. Crazy Asian drivers!  I dont know how they do it. They just drive anything,anywhere anytime. Cambodia has the most beggars I have ever seen as well its really sad its so poor here and a ton of land mine victims too :( but enough sad stuff!

Oh ya, Lukie its the 9th here today. I cant believe you are 15 now! I remember when you were just a little baby..... ah the memories.... I have your present. You will get it as long as you dont wreck my new car :)

Soon we will head back to Bangkok in Thailand but we have 1 more day here in Cambodia. Yall take care,Ty

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