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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Glow Worms and the Caves

Today we stopped in a little town called Waitomo. A lot of the places here in New Zealand are really rural and small. Totally different from the wild east coat of Australia I was on. The landscape is totally different here as well. I actually think there is more natural beauty here in New Zealand than I have seen in Australia but here is just as expensive if not more :(

I had the chance to go "caving" today. We went to an underground cave and the water was about 10 degrees C or about 35 degrees F. We had wet suits but it was still COLD! It was really really awesome though. We had great guides named Ryan and Monkey and they were so funny and informative. We got to see glowing fly larvae called "glow worms" when you turned your lights off in the cave and let it go all dark you could see them light up on the ceiling with bio luminescence and it was really cool! I had a great time.

Other than that I saw a sheep shearing show that had a lot in it and the guy was very informative and entertaining and I learned more about Sheep shearing and farming than I ever thought possible. We saw a lot of tricks with the dogs and sheep and there was even geese! It was pretty neat. Tomorrow we are off to another town with more activities I am sure. I really am enjoying the bus tour and the people on it.

Talk at ya later-Ty

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  1. Sounds like the movie Babe the Pig. If it's really cold now in NZ I am dreading how cold it will be in Aug. YIKES
    Love ya, mom