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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Truckin down the Road....

So I made it to Auckland safely and spent the weekend there with a friend. Then I started my bus tour. It was Kiwi Experience. Different than I expected because I thought they just took you from point A to point B but in reality they actually force you to make different stops with them along the way. It really isn't so bad though, there is 50 people on my bus and they are really cool. You are allowed to stay as long as you want in one place or just stay the 1 day they allow for each place.

So far I have only stayed one day in each place but they always have an activity for you to do and a cool tour guide/bus driver named Ringo. Some of the activities you have to pay for and some are free. It really is your choice as to what you do. So far I have seen a really cool gold mine for free and also been to a city that smells of sulfur and rotten eggs but I paid to see a really cool Geo Thermal Park there.

New Zealand has been more beautiful than I expected for sure. It is cold here but I do like it. Tomorrow I will be doing some underwater caving/tubing so that should be great! I cant wait :) back on the bus for more stops until we finally get to Christ Church. I did see "lord of the rings town" that was neat. I will stay maybe 2 or 3 days extra in some town before I end this journey. I am just not sure where I want to pick up the extra days yet. Its all good so far though.

I guess that is all for now. take care,Tyler

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  1. The underwater caving sounds pretty exciting. Can't wait to hear about it. Love ya, mom