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Saturday, February 27, 2010

More on Asian Transportation

So I just wanted to go into more detail on Asian transportation. As I said before I guess there is driving laws but, if there is any I cant figure it out. In Thailand they are supposed to drive on the left hand side of the road but just drive all over it. In Laos they are supposed to drive on the right hand side of the road but, again drive all over it. They pass you from both sides without warning, dont signal,drive into oncoming traffic. It really is just controlled madness. Yet somehow I have only seen 1 accident and it was minor.

Honestly I would rate them as better, nicer drivers than Western world drivers. They just know how to work thru all the craziness and somehow I managed to drive a motorbike in all that by letting go of every driving law I have ever learned and just went with my gut and the local flow of traffic. I didn't kill anyone or anything so all in all I really had a great day and saw some amazing things and I would recommend it to anyone who likes self guided tours.

I have been driven on a "long tail" boat, its a large canoe shaped boat with a giant exposed 18 wheeler engine at the back which is attached to a very long drive shaft which is in turn attached to a very large and noisy propeller. The first time I rode one was quite scary as they really dont have life jackets but, now I enjoy them and they get you where you need to go water wise very cheaply and quickly.

Today we had to get from Pakse down further south to the islands so we had to go by local "taxi" I use that word loosely. It sadly was our only option. We paid 3 USD each and boarded a truck with a back cab that was open but had bench seats to fit people. Our luggage was strapped on top. It was meant to fit roughly about 10 or 12 people I would say. We fit 26 people plus we also shared floor space with some produce they were hauling. For 4 very long hours. We made it here in one piece but it was a long hot cramped time. It amazes me how many people they can fit in a truck.

Well for 3 dollars it wasn't to bad I guess. We will be here on this island for a few days it is really nice so far :) talk to yall later -Ty

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  1. Glad you're having a great time. The blog will end up being the best diary for your trip. Keep updating with all your interesting info. Memories fade with years. We're living vicariously through you. Love, dad