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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here in Pakse

Well we made it to Pakse here in Laos on the southern border to Cambodia. It is really relaxed here and chilled out. It is good so far just relaxing watching a beautiful sunset with some new friends we met on the overnight  sleeper bus. That was really interesting haha. We had "beds" but 2 people shared a bed and it was cramped and bumpy but at least we did get to stretch out. They gave us a blanket and a little meal. The blanket was a God send because the AC was freezing! But after 12 hours we made it here in one piece and got checked into a guest house.

It is really cheap here, my portion of the "rent" at our guest house was 3 USD for 1 night! and food here is not much more expensive. Laos is great just like Thailand but in a different way. I am loving Asia :) Tomorrow I think we will rent motor bikes for 6 USD and go cruising up to this awesome viewing point and just enjoy the day.

That is all for now. I am just loving life and wishing everyone could see the sights I have seen.

Signed, your Traveling Texan,Tyler

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