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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thai bathrooms

So I really just wanted to devote an entire blog post to Thai bathrooms. They are totally different than anything we have in the western world. If your lucky you will get a "western style" toilet with a bowl and a seat, if your really lucky you will also get western style toilet paper. A lot of toilets are "squat style" toilets that you just squat over and do your thing. Most have no toilet paper and just water to wash down the toilet, some come with a hose to squirt yourself with a squirt the bowl with. It definitely takes some adjusting to get used too haha.

To be fair, I am actually kinda fan of the squirting hose system it helps you use less paper. The showers are a totally different issue. Every Thai shower I have been in has a personal hand wand shower thingy connected to a heating system which if your really really really lucky will actually put out consistent hot water with a strong consistent flow. Usually one or the other not both. I have had a lot of cold weak showers here haha. But, the showers themselves are not enclosed at all. Its a sink,toilet and shower all in one room with nothing separated at all so you end up getting water everywhere. It is quite frustrating.

On a happier note I am here in Phi Phi island and I have done some laying about on the beach and general bumming around along with some amazing snorkeling I wish you could see the beautiful water here. Last night I saw the most amazing sunset of my life I will have to put pictures up on Facebook. Yall take care until next time. -Ty


  1. You know we have great sunsets here in Little Elm - can it beat that one? Can't wait to see your pictures. Keep having fun and stay safe. By the way - sounds like you should only be drinking water from your filtered bottle - just sayin.
    Love ya, mom

  2. Good suggestion from your mom about the bottled water....just sayin!
    Thanks for this entertaining blog!
    Ginny (i taught with your mom at zellars, and took your senior pics)
    Take care!

  3. The crappers sound crappy Ty