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Monday, February 28, 2011

The worst day in a long time

Today was one of the worst days I have had in a long time. It started off when I was walking from my new (temporary) home back into the city and I got lost for a bit. I prefer to think I wasn't lost and just taking the scenic route but it still took me an hour to get into the city walking. I was hoping that my day couldn't get any worse from there but boy was I wrong.

After that I decided to go get my Brazilian visa application done. It was pretty far out of the city so I decided to call first before I went. Well I called and no one answered, I figured they were really busy so I would still go. I bought a day pass on the bus that costs me 10 dollars and by this point about 3 hours of my day had been eaten up. I finally made it out there and I found out that it was actually the Brazilian Consulates House. Just a regular house in regular neighbourhood. Owned by a regular guy employed by the Brazilian Government. Not what I was expecting. Well not only was it just a regular house, he wasn't even there!

So I spent all that money and made it all the way out there for nothing. So I called and left him a message. He finally managed to call me back after I made it back into the city. He informed me I had to physically mail my passport to Wellington. I am only hoping I have enough time to do this and enough pages in my visa. Of course I went to check this at the American embassy and they were closed. The bad stuff just couldn't stop happening.

So then I met a friend and it was good to catch up with her and we actually had a really good time. That was a bright side to my day finally. We decided to go to an American sweet shop to cheer me up so we were going to get the bus  but we missed it and my day pass didn't apply anyway. I was so freaking frustrated that I threw away my day pass for the bus.

Then I just decided to go back to my new (temporary) home in Mt Eden. It was quite a walk so I decided to take the bus. You want to guess what bus I had to take home? The exact bus I just threw away the pass for! Then I just started laughing and how horrible my day was. The only other bright side to my day was I hitch hiked home and got a free ride.

Now I am back home shut in and not going anywhere so it can't get worse. Tomorrow is my first day back at work and it is a new day. I am trying to stay positive and hope tomorrow is much better. This is it for me tonight. Take care,Tyler

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad day, Ty! :(
    Sending you love from the great state of Texas with beers and queers!