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Friday, February 11, 2011

Back on the road again

The last of our days off for a while back in the city managed to be pretty eventful actually. Mentally I had planned to have a quiet night and just rest up completely for work the next day. What actually ended up happening is I went out for drinks with friends then I went to dinner and a comedy club. The comedy was actually really funny I had a good time there. After comedy we wandered over to the weekly Couch Surfing Drinks. We were quite late but there was still some people there there and as always I had a good time there. I met some old friends in the city and made some new ones and got to catch up with everyone.

After drinks was over I went out to a night club in the city with my friends. Pretty quickly I realised it was quite late and I needed to be in bed! So I left and went to bed. We had to be up and at em the next day at 8am so I got ready and picked up in the city at 8am and we started our drive to Gisbourne. It took about 8 hours and luckily I got to sleep most of the way :)

Now we have a new guy on our "German" team at work. Steve has been reassigned to the site crew (he is working with Ben now) and my good friend Thomas is now working with us. He just started his first shift last night. Actually all things considered it has been pretty cruisy so far because We got to Gisbourne a day before the concert so we had time to set up the whole stage and not worry about sound or lights until today.

Today has been a pretty full on day though, We unloaded all three trucks and set up the sound and lights. After that we got to go and rest for a bit which has been good to catch up on some sleep. In just a few hours we will be back to tear down the stage and pack everything up then hit the road yet again and start it all over. On an unrelated side note, apparently Gisbourne is one of the first major places in the whole world to have the sun shine on it. It is a huge New Years Eve destination and the population triples here! So now I can add it to my list of awesome places I have been.

Oh ya one last thing, I finally saw Ben today (I didn't manage to see him at all during our break back in the city) and I only saw him briefly today but he is now sporting a mustache. I wish I had a picture for you haha. It is one of the worst looking mustaches I have ever seen and even he knows it. It is a huge joke but his whole crew is sporting mustaches and I have to give them props for having the balls to even walk around in public with those things haha. (To be fair I will be looking just as horrible in November of this year when I participate for the first time in Movember)

Work actually went fairly well at the end there last night. We had a few delays with loading the sound and lighting truck but, once we got to actually break down the stage we busted it out in 2.5 hours and that is our fastest time yet. Also on another related side note we actually had enough time earlier yesterday to have a nap and then go for a drive. We saw the Gisbourne coast line and the spot where Captain Cook first landed here back in the 1700's when he can from England. Funnily enough they made a statue of "Captain Cook" in 1969 and placed it there but it isn't actually him! Historians have noticed the clothing and facial features look nothing like him and no one can figure out who it is haha.

This morning we have now checked out of our hostel and hit the road headed to Martinbough to get ready to set up for our show tomorrow.

Just a little side note, I have always told myself that I wanted to learn how to use chop sticks and never actually have done it. Now that my friends have gotten me my very own personal set of chop sticks I have no excuse not to learn so I have been practising some and now I can actually use them to eat was long as the pieces of food are large enough. I am really proud of myself and now I can take it off my bucket list. Well that's all I got for now. I wont get Internet access to terribly often I am afraid but I will try and keep yall updated when I can. Take care, Tyler

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