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Thursday, February 03, 2011

The CS Event

So the girls and Ben and Brian and myself made it to the CS event and we got there with 120+ other couch surfers! This was the biggest CS Event in New Zealand history! we arrived on Friday and built our tent and got settled in. Originally we were supposed to do the 20 K Crossing the next day (Saturday) but the weather was bad so that meant that they pushed it back one day. So we got to drink and party and have a good time. Eat and have fun. I met people from nearly every major country in the world it was amazing.

Most of you know that my birthday is 30th of December. Well I was working my railroad job I didn't have time to celebrate it at all since I was working so full on. So, I decided to have my belated birthday party at the CS Crossing Event. But, somehow the message got twisted around and people assumed it was actually my birthday on Jan. 30th haha. at first I tried to let people know it wasn't my actual birthday but eventually I just went with it lol.

I had one of the best "birthdays" ever. 120+ people celebrated with me and I even got a trombone solo for my birthday! It was amazing lol There was also a girl there named Amanda who I met and she shares my exact same birthday only she is one year older than me. So that made it even more festive. All around I just had a great time.

The next day since our crossing was canceled we got up and worked off our hangovers by going and seeing the sites around the local area and let me tell you there is some beautiful places there! We did some great day hikes and such. We also went to some great thermal hot springs for free! I got to spend time with tons and tons of amazing people from all over the world who share a love of travel. It is so easy to talk to anyone and everyone about  anything under the sun because we all have a basic love of travel. There is no need to justify anything about ourselves or our love of travel. We just always ask each other "where next?"

Sunday was the day of the crossing and it was 19.4 K's which is just over 12 miles. With all our stops and so forth it actually took about 8 hours. It wasn't EXTREMELY hard it was just long and very windy and cold! The scenery was amazing though! I should have pictures loaded up on my facebook page before too long. After the Crossing we all drove to see some more sites and relax in the hot pools then we came back and had a massive bbq/beer fest it was a great weekend.

The only downside was the owner of the place we were staying. He was SO mean and rude it was insane. He literally told us "I hate you couch surfers" and he locked the bathrooms so no one could use them all night! He complained about the rate of pay HE set for us and told us to "go to bed" all the time like we were 12. It was so stupid! I don't know how they organised us to stay with such a jerk but he was horrible and I will never stay there again ever. The list goes on and on with his stupid crap but other than him though everything else was amazing and I had a great time.

I am also back at work now for my new concert stage building job and today was the first day. We will be traveling all over the north island following a few bands on a winery tour. Our job is to build the stage for them and get everything ready then tear it down when they are all done. It was really full on and long hours but not SUPER hard and its good money. I get to work with Ben and Brian and a lot of other cool people so no complaints so far :)

Well yall take care,Tyler

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