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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My time off update

Well I have had roughly a week off and honestly not too much has happened and that has been exactly how I wanted it! It has been great just to decompress and relax and do nothing. I have been out with some friends and had some drinks and relaxed a lot. Taken some walks around the city and just caught up with everyone and done general stuff.

I did go today with some friends of mine to hang out at a pool. Rach's parents have a pool and they are gone to England. They live outside of the city a bit so it was great to get out there and relax. I went out there with Amanda and Jenneke and my friend Kate and we had a BBQ. I was surrounded by beautiful girls all day and got to eat a feast and relax. Every man's fantasy right? :)

I really feel that I have done more than this but I guess I haven't lol. I have to go to the Brazilian Embassy tomorrow to suss my visa for Brazil and shop for a few other things but I plan on having a relaxing last day with friends before I go back to work. This has been quite a boring update but this is me.

April will be here soon!-Tyler

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