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Monday, February 07, 2011

My day off

So today was my first full day off of work where I wasn't totally wiped out. Last night I did go out with Debs and her friend Jess and DS. We had Korean food and we had to cook our own meat but it was good! After that we had beer and ice cream and topped it all off with a beer. Good times had by all, too bad Nadia had to work :(

Today I noticed my laptop charger was lost so I had to make a train journey to buy a new one :( but now things will get better because I got a new one! I am also headed to the beach shortly with some friends and tonight I will have dinner with my English student and her boyfriend as a thank you for my help. They are very nice!

Tomorrow I will head to a comedy club for a show and then to drink night and possibly a movie. Then the honeymoon is over and I will be back at work. Well that is all so far. I know this is a really boring update and I didn't say much but I just felt like randomly blogging.

The only other thing I wanted to mention was that there is a ton of homeless people here on Queen St (the main street) here in the city. It is kinda sad actually but they are like fixtures here. I pass them on a daily basis pretty much and I even know some of their names. Sometimes I give them money if I have spare change. There is one guy with one huge long dreadlock, another guy with a huge beer belly who always goes shirtless. (gross) another guy has a radio which he blares all day but just sits there in silence and expects you to pay him for listening to his bad music haha.

Then there is Blanket Man down in Wellington he is a local celebrity. He wears nothing but a blanket and a loin cloth and that is it. But people give him stuff all the time even an Ipod! They even wanted him to run for mayor haha. He is just a local fixture. I am quite sure he has mental issues but, when I met him in Welly he was an interesting guy for sure lol. I actually am really going to miss Auckland in general and my friends here for sure. Funny because I hated it so much my first week here but I really like it now!

LATE EDIT: SHE PASSED!!! I have been teaching English to a now really good friend of mine I met. She is from Taiwan and her boyfriend is Chinese. She wanted to learn English so I said I would be her conversation partner. While she already had a pretty good basic grasp on English I worked with her a lot and just tonight I found out she passed her English competency exam!

 That means A) that she is a great student and B) that I am a pretty good teacher! (although she is much better student than I am a teacher haha) I am so happy for her and happy she did it and I helped! They also took me out for a celebratory dinner and paid for everything. I know that was a big sacrifice for them money wise so it really really meant a lot to me to have them be so kind to me. I won't forget them for sure!

In addition, I had said I wanted to learn how to use chop sticks. Not only did they buy me my own personal set of chop sticks to practise with but they taught me roughly how to use them. Ang and Raymond I wont forget you! It really means a lot to me when people do great things out of the kindness of their hearts and these days that is rarer and rarer which is why I try and pass it on!

Oh ya  tomorrow I get to go out on a boat with my friend and today I will see Ben and Brian (yet again lol) I work with them and I can't even get away from them on my day off haha. Well that is all I got for now. Yall take care,Tyler

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