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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Opps I skipped one!

I somehow managed to skip a blog entry so I will add it now, out of order. My apologies hehe.

When we arrived in Taupo we met up with our friends Amanda and Jenneke after we had caught up on some serious Internet time doing banking and all that boring stuff. But, once we met the girls we decided to go climb this mountain. It took us an hour and 15 minutes to get to the top.

The mountain climb was not SUPER hard but there was points where I was dragging ass haha. I really am not badly out of shape but nor do I have my 18 year old body anymore. As 30 approaches I can feel that this is really a time for me to get serious about working out or just accept that I will have a beer belly and be lazy forever haha.

The thing is, it wont take me much to get back into quite good shape I just need time,a consistent schedule,a good work out plan and motivation. Right now I have a personal trainer with me (helpful huh?) and all the knowledge of what I need to do. I just need the time and consistent schedule along with the motivation to do so. I like to think that I wont let myself slip into beer belly mode and I will be motivated to stay in good shape.

After we got off the mountain we headed directly to the beautiful Lake Taupo. The view from 1200 meters up on the mountain really was amazing and totally worth the hike. The lake was quite cold and the rocks were really slippery so we decided to go to some thermal hot springs.

Now that was the ticket! Those hot springs had the perfect balance between super hot and super cold and you could switch back and forth. It was all free and all natural. Brian has a really cool shock proof underwater camera so we got some really great photos from under the water. We met some really cool people and just had a great time relaxing. The stars out were absolutely amazing last night.

I really couldn't have asked for much of a better day yesterday. Our last days really have been great and made me happy to be alive. Soon I will upload photographic evidence to facebook so yall can see how awesome its been here. It was one of those days that really makes you appreciate life and living and being alive and hanging out with good friends. You hear so much negativity in the world all the time but when you have a day like that its really easy to focus on the positive and just try not to take everything for granted and realise that we really do have great lives.

Today we will head to our CS gathering at The Crossing and tomorrow we will get ready to hike 20 k's across (hopefully the weather holds!) it is going to be a fun celebration with 120+ other couch surfers and I can't wait for our last blast before we start working.

I wanted to quickly touch on the subject of motivation. When I was a kid I tried many different sports including track and even competitive air pistol shooting. Both of these were things I really could have been good at  I was just lazy and unmotivated pure and simple. It is funny now I look back almost 10 years later and I want to try these things all over again. I also want to learn Spanish and learn to play an instrument.  All of these are things I could have learned back then and been really good at if only I had tried harder. It frustrates me now to think this I wish I could go back to teen age Tyler and scream at him and tell him to get his ass in gear!  But the good news is it isn't too late I plan on picking up one or all of these skills in the future.

Yall take care,Tyler

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