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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

First day back

Well since I had my one horrible day where nothing went right at all things have improved thank God. I have started back at work again which is good for the money situation and for staying busy. We are setting up for a festival called Pacifika (a cultural festival here in Auckland) we are working ten days building stuff and setting up fencing etc for a one day festival so it is going to be huge! (hopefully fun too) I am also leaving today for Hamilton because we have 1 show left to do there for my original MoreFm Winery Tour and then one last show on that tour here in Auckland. The end is nearing! 

I have had a good time and a good break so far :) Got to catch up with friends and have a good time. Recently I have had some friends leave so that is always sad and shitty and I hate goodbye's! Soon it will be my turn though :( I only have 1 month and 2 days left in this country! Today I finally applied for my Brazilian Tourist Visa and I am not 300 dollars poorer and I hope and pray they approve it so I can go! Fingers crossed I will get my passport back from Wellington in one piece :(

Well I don't have much time left here before we have to leave for work so I am going to end this for now but my job is pretty good and things are pretty peachy right now on my end I hope on your end too (wherever you are and whoever reads this lol). Yall take care,Tyler

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