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Monday, March 28, 2011

One week to go

Well I just thought I would write a little something today since I have one week to go. I checked into Base Hostel for a week and it cost me 185 NZD! That is crazy expensive for sharing a room with six people but to be fair I haven't paid for accommodation in a while so it is ok. I got a bottom bunk which is nice but the sun shines on my eyes in the morning and there is this dude (yes a dude) who plays the flute REALLY loud on the street right below my window for cash. (He is making me nuts because he starts at 7:30am!) who does that?! My roommates seem nice and one shares a name with my dad and one of the girl's is from Germany and she shares my birthday!

My passport and bank card stuff should be resolved by the end of the week as I have called and confirmed on both. Ben and I sat down and made a plan and semi budget for South America and I have requested some CS hosts in Chile so pretty much all my loose ends are tied up and now I will just enjoy my last week. I had too much stuff to send home so I ended up giving a lot of my clothes to a random homeless dude. He needed them more than I did. So that is my good deed for the day.

Tonight is my final movie/pizza night and we will be seeing Limitless about that guy with unlimited brain power (until he stops getting his pills) it looks really good. Tomorrow is also my final drink night :( Ben is in Sydney now for 6 days before we leave. I have a bit more research to do for our trip but everything seems to be slowly coming together. I will be sad to leave for sure but it has to happen :( I will miss it here. Trying to soak up the time I have left.

Oh ya, my yahoo messenger totally crashed so I had to get a new yahoo messenger addy. If you had me on your list or you want me on your list let me know so I can add you to my new name. I guess that's it for now yall take care,Tyler

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