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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Only 2 days left

Today I got to work on the boat owned by my friend's dad. This was my first experience actively working on a sail boat and really only my second time on a sail boat (the first was our free sailing trip Ben and I did in Oz) but the work was just basic maintenance stuff. I did some sanding and priming and just general clean up. As I have now officially stopped working this was good to do something a little different and more relaxed. I enjoyed working and his dad is a really cool guy not only did he pay me well but he also bought me lunch!

Last night was my last Wednesday night drinks ever :( There was a huge turn out of people and I was really blown away I will miss everyone for sure and it was sad. One of my friends even made me a chocolate chip muffin (my favourite!) it was so good :) I was really happy to see everyone but sad to be leaving soon. I have also had my last pizza/movie night (we saw Limitless) so the “lasts” will continue :(

From here on out I am just wrapping up my final things here. I have my passport back in my hot little hands (thank God) and have all the money owed to me (minus my New Zealand tax return) I will do my taxes before I leave. I still have that Aussie bank card to sort out but I am confident it will get here before I leave. I have my medicine and hopefully enough contacts and all that other boring but necessary stuff. I actually am covered by some travel/health insurance now as well so that is a good thing I guess.

I booked a week here at a hostel and this is the first time I have stayed in a hostel in six months! It is a strange feeling but I have some good roommates here. Two German girls and two Canadian guys so it is good to hang out with them as now really all I am doing is killing time before I leave and waiting for Ben to get back from Sydney. My only complaint is that damn male flutist! Today I went down there before work and I was going to tell him off but for some weird reason he stopped and left before I could get down there I think it was because the police were there. I was going to report him actually but they were actively arresting someone so I decided not to bother. I only have to put up with it for a bit longer and maybe I will just scream at him from the window lol.

Seriously it is ridiculous that I have to put up with this crap for the money I pay! He isn't even good! I needed to research the number for the noise complaint people, everyone in my room hates his noise I really should have done something days ago I just haven't so I guess that's my fault huh? My only other complaint is that the water in the showers here only stays on for ten seconds and then you have to push the button to turn it on again its annoying and it doesn't stay hot. But whatever enough of my complaining at least I am not homeless, soon I will be out of here!

We have done our research for our trip and have a rough budget (I hope I will have enough money for all this, the visa fees I have to pay to get into countries is going to kill me!) Ben is so lucky he doesn’t have to pay ANY visa fees but I do :( Over this weekend I have hung out with some friends and caught up for some goodbye drinks then on Saturday I have two parties to go too and I will just have a busy weekend! Monday and Tuesday I will just be wrapping up my final loose ends. Today I had a good catch up lunch with an old friend and hopefully I will get to see everyone I want to see before I leave.

I have lots of parties to go too before I leave. Leaving parties,birthday parties just parties galore so it should be a good time and I am going to try and not to spend too much money haha. I really will miss it here and I really do have great friends here that I will be coming back to visit for sure! Last night at Nadia's birthday party I did manage to have a really quite deep extremely enlightening conversation with a guy there. He was really cool actually we talked about the meaning of life and why we are here. Way to deep for most birthday parties haha but I really enjoyed it. You know the other day I had a few moments in time where I just let everything go. I mean everything. I was just living for that exact moment in time and nothing else. There was a busker playing some Jimi Hendrix on his guitar on Queen Street. I just stood next to him and listened to him play. I didn't say a word and neither did he. All the background noise of the street just faded away as did everything else in my mind. I was just living for that exact moment and it is really rare something like that happens but I won't ever forget that feeling.

Nadia's cake turned out great and she loved it which is good because I slaved over that thing for hours (with the help of my wonderful friend Agamit because I have never baked anything in my life haha) and we made it from scratch not even out of a box! Nadia's party was also really fun and I had a great time. Before that I stopped off at my friend Rach's party and had fun there too. I am just about all partied out haha. Today (Sunday) I am supposed to see another friend and tonight is my leaving dinner with all my friends. I still have to do my taxes and hope that pin number gets here but I wont stress about it because everything else is done. Ben gets back today at some point too.

Hopefully everything works out according to plan for us and even if it doesn't I know it will be ok, its all an experience as it always is for me in every country I visit and I always have a good time no matter what. Also hopefully I can leave South America with an active knowledge of conversational Spanish that is one of my big goals. Well I guess that is it for now. Until next time.-Tyler

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