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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We made it in one piece to Argentina (Buenos Aires to be exact) our flight went off without a hitch and in fact the travel God´s have finally smiled on me. That was one of my best flights ever! We were sat in the first row of coach directly behind first class which meant we had a ton of leg room and we weren't sat next to any screaming babies at all and our flight was only four hours! All in all a great flight. But, when we landed was when the fun started.

Of course I had to pay the Argentian Government 140 USD as a visa fee ( I am just used to paying visa fees now because that is what America does to the foreigners who come in, sometimes I hate my government´s policies) but for some reason none of my cards would work and I had no cash! So there was no way I could pay their damn visa fees! I asked them what was going to happen and they told me they couldn't let me into the country. I was going to have to stay in the airport like Tom Hanks from that movie The Terminal. It was insane! Finally I asked them to try all of my cards again and they got it to work thank God.

So we got into the city safe and sound and are at our new CS host house. I really miss our last host though him and his family were so awesome. His mother loved cooking for us and she fed us great food! She also makes amazing handicrafts all by hand and she has to make 6000 per month of these things for only 212 USD per month! It is quite sad she has to slave away so hard just that little amount of money but by Peruvian standards they are semi wealthy and that money can go a long way.

We have walked around BA and had a good lunch and seen a movie that was pretty funny ( it was actually in English with Spanish subtitles) it was a new one with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston about a guy who has to pretend to be married then get a fake divorce so he can get with another girl. Everything is good here so far and I really like this city. We have a lot planned for the next two weeks.

Oh ya one other thing about the buses in South America I know I go on about this a lot but I am constantly amazed by them. They are something else! In Australia/New Zealand they have tons of seats and only X amount of standing room with a specific number they will carry. In South America it is the exact opposite haha. They have very few seats and they will pack the bus until absolutely full (you can even stand by the driver) which is illegal in Australia/New Zealand. They don´t stop for you all the way you just hop on and off whenever you want once they yell out where they are going and it is so dirt cheap to ride them less than 20 US Cents will get you all the way across town! They also love selling anything and everything on the bus from food to trinkets and other junk and they even have guys who will play live music for money. It really is an experience! I quite like it although the road laws are very flexible here lol

Until next time,Tyler

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