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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Buenos Aires City Life

We went out for our first proper night out here in Buenos Aires last night. It was an event organised by some Couch Surfers at a pretty flash club here and we had VIP access! The night life is different here, NO ONE goes out before 2am (closing times for most clubs back home) and they party til like 7:30am in the morning (at least we did) but luckily I knew this before hand so I took a good long nap during the day and I was good to go. It was really fun and the language barrier was not as much of a problem as I had thought. It was a really fun night.

Other than that we have seen a really cool weapons museum here that I really enjoyed and been to some markets here. We have also been to Recoleta Cemetery a very famous very old graveyard where a lot of famous ex presidents and important people of Argentina are buried. Most of them were really rich so they have huge sarcophagus that their entire families are buried in with giant life size statues of themselves or their pets or family or whatever. There is a surface level that you can see with basically a shrine to these different people with lots and lots of religious stuff (Argentina is very Catholic) then a staircase that leads down under the ground and underneath the surface level there can be like 10 or 15 family members all buried in the same crypt.

On most graves in America they list the name and birth and death date. Here it is totally different. It only lists their death date and their grave markers are by in large "sponsored" by the deceased person's friends. They are placed there anywhere from 1 year to 100 years AFTER the person has died. So it will say ________ (insert name here) we your friends dedicate this to your honor X number of years after you have died. It is very strange how they do it. It was super neat to see those even though it was a little morbid. But, it was a shame to see how bad the condition was on some of the graves it was terrible. Some were very well preserved and others were not.

We are still going to see a live tango show and maybe take some lessons here and have a proper steak dinner. Buenos Aires is extremely expensive compared to other places we have visited so far so that is kinda sucky. Especially considering my money situation haha. It is impossible to eat here for under 10 USD and that is the cheapest of the cheap. In Peru and Bolivia you could get an entire meal for 1-3 USD! There was street stalls everywhere and here there is none. It is really frustrating! But, I am willing to pay extra for that good steak here. There is absolutely no middle class eateries here. Either you pay like 10 USD for crap food or you pay like 40,50 USD for a really good meal. It is extremely hard and frustrating to find somewhere good and cheap to eat! Also, they charge you "Cubierto". Basically almost every restaurant charges you 1 USD (or more) for the privilege of sitting down to eat and using their silverware. PLUS you have to tip. It is really shit but it is what they do here and there is nothing you can do about it.

The food culture here is different. They salt EVERYTHING excessively (really bad for your health) and I ALWAYS have to request ketchup,butter and black pepper those are just not normal for them but they do have them if you ask. They usually give you huge portions of rice but unlike Asia where soy sauce flows freely (I love it) here they give you plain dry rice and they give you oil and vinegar to spice it up. Pretty odd for me but normal for them.

Buenos Aires is a neat city and we have enjoyed walking around and meeting people and going to cool places I just wish it was less expensive. The weather has been good but now it is kinda crap with rain etc. Can't have it perfect all the time huh? I have gotten (re)sick again! That airplane ride from Peru just re infected me and I cannot seem to kick this freaking head cold it is horrible and I hate it but I am still alive. We are still having fun and enjoying ourselves. We saw another movie the other day (in English) we saw Thor like the comic book Thor and it was actually pretty good I liked it quite a bit.

Well I guess that's all I have for now. Yall take care,Tyler

Oh ya just a little side note. Unfortunately I am running out of money. Due to this fact I booked my flight back home to Texas for 4 June. See yall soon-ish huh? Its been a good run for me.... I have been super lucky and had lots and lots of fun.

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