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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Buenos Aires Post Robbery/Bogota

So post robbery I had basically no money because the thief got away with my ATM card. LUCKILY I had my "main wallet" at home so basically all he got was a little cash, my drivers license and that ATM card. I called and canceled the card but that still left me stranded with basically no money until I could transfer my funds to my other bank account. I thought that would go fairly smoothly but there was a mess up so I am STILL without much cash at all but, on the bright side I called today and finally got it all sorted and soon I will be good as gold again as long as I don't get robbed again.

I should also mention a special shout out to my semi saviour in human form. Sean-Ryan Mccray. One of the coolest dude's I have met! I met him randomly at a couch surfing event in Buenos Aires and we hit it off pretty well so we started hanging out. He is from California and moved to B.A. to work for a year. Once he found out I got robbed he took me into his house and let me crash there for free and not only that but he shouted me everything and paid for all my stuff, food,drinks,everything (just a loan because I paid him back) but regardless I think that is totally awesome and not many people would do that but he did it without blinking an eye after knowing me less than a week! I really owe him big time and there still is really good people in this world.

Not only that but once I got robbed I pleaded my case to the taxi driver to take me to the airport and he took me there for half off the normal fare. I have had many many random acts of kindness in South America and around the world and I appreciate every one of them. I have had random tour guides and people just genuinely being nice. It really restores your faith in humanity.

SR and I and his cool roommate Justin went to see a live drum performance (South American/African) style and it was amazing! There was a huge crowd and everyone was going wild and it was so much fun, one of the coolest things I have seen in South America so far! Well that pretty much closed out my time in Buenos Aires on a good note.

After flying from Buenos Aires to Brazil (but I couldn't leave the airport) I really really needed to use the Internet to sort my bank stuff and such but I didn't have money to pay for it. But, I randomly started chatting up two guys, one from Iraq and the other from Ghana and they let me use their computers and Internet time all for free. Again just out of the kindness of their hearts. They were good dudes and I wish them the best. I didn't even get their names. After that, I met a girl on the plane who is American and here for work in Bogotá and we really hit it  off so I am sure I will see her again before she leaves. Soon some of my friends from Buenos Aires arrive here too! Now I am safe and sound at my new host's house and all is well as can be. He is a doctor so I am hoping he can sort me out for meds and help me kick this cold!

Bogotá seems like a beautiful friendly place and thus far I have no reason to believe otherwise. Tomorrow I am meeting a whole group of new couch surfers who just offered to show me around the city for free! So don't believe everything you see on CNN.

That's all I got for now. Til next time,Tyler

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  1. I am curious about how you have managed to couch surf so successfully without fear or getting yourself in a bad situation.