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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Robbed in B.A.

Had a good night last night almost all night. I went out with some friends I met here in Buenos Aires and we had fun at the club. It was all fun until we were walking home and some dude bumped into me.

I had my wallet lifted out of my front right pants pocket and stolen from me in less than 5 seconds. Luckily he only got 100 bucks USD,my drivers license and my eftpos/atm/bank card. Everything else is safe in my other wallet at home. I canceled the card and I am transferring whats left of my money to another bank account anyway. The police didn't do anything for me but its ok. There isn't much they could do anyway.

I do respect that guy's talent though. I had no idea he reached into my pocket until he was long gone. If there was a pickpocket Olympics I bet he would win. This is the first time I have ever been stolen from like this but I am alive and he really didn't do that much damage to me.

Shit happens huh? such is life but I am glad I am with friends here who will help me out and the next crap wallet I buy will have a chain on it! I am actually surprised with the amount I travel and the places I have been it has taken me this long to get robbed like this. My luck just ran out but you live and learn and move on. -Ty

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  1. Tyler I love how you see positive in the negative.....complimenting the guys pick pocketing skills haha. I think I’d just feel like I lost some privacy. He was pretty darn close to you without your permission haha. Glad you are safe and didn’t lose too much though.